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What got you started in the film industry?

I left a twenty year career in education to pursue a career as a filmmaker. I have too many stories on a shelf and don't want to  leave them there, never having seen the light of day!

Tell me about your education. Where did you go? Why?

I have a B.A. in English with a history minor - and am a recent graduate of the Nashville Film Institute. I knew Nashville was the place to start creating and making connections, and NFI did not disappoint!

If you could work anywhere right now, where would it be and why? What would your role be?

My dream is to create and direct my own tales and those of others that feed my soul and imagination.

Where do you hope to be in five years?

I look forward to establishing my style and brand - with Candlewick Productions as a creative force on the world stage.

What is your favorite types of films to work on? Why?

I am inspired by all manner of myth and folklore - and just a pinch of magic. Storytellers Stephen King, Guillermo del Toro, Tim Burton, Mike Flanagan, Neil Gaiman and The Brothers Grimm are my inspirations!

What are some things you feel people need to know about you?

I am driven by my teaching experience in Rhode Island where I shared and fostered a love of myth and folklore, film, creative writing and theater. I treasure my students and colleagues and loved every minute of my time in the classroom, but I now work to inspire through my own stories.

Do you have anything else to add?

I want my students to see my work and know two things: anything is possible with faith and a goal and not to settle out of fear of failure.

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